The prospective spouse must first contact the IZH for the Islamic marriage (by phone, fax or email) and apply for the marriage forms (it can be downloaded from the Internet). As soon as the marriage is requested and necessary documents such as letter of attorney are sent to the applicants. As soon as these documents are returned to the IZH, they will be checked for completeness. Forms are usually processed quickly so that the Imam of the IZH is immediately informed about a prospective marriage and to make an appointment with the applicants. To marry, there must be two groomsmen in addition to the prospective spouses and the imam; further persons should be announced in a good time before marriage. The Islamic marriage takes place in Arabic. If necessary or desired, explanations are made in other languages ​​(German, Turkish, Persian). The location of the marriage will be here at the IZH and can be decoratively arranged according to individual wishes. If the prospective spouse requests a marriage with absence (for any reason), it is sufficient to have notarized copies of the documents, ID or passport and the letter of attorney. The couple will receive the marriage certificate two weeks after the Islamic marriage ceremony.


Conditions and documents for an Islamic marriage

  1. Both partners must be Muslims
  2. If this is a first marriage, the consent of the bride’s father must be present
  3. If one of the partners was already married, the divorce decree must be available
  4. letter of attorney must be completed
  5. Signature of the marriage partners must be duplicate in certificate

As long as no civil marriage (standesamtliche)  has taken place, the Islamic marriage certificate will not be handed over and will only be sent as soon as the civil marriage (standesamtliche) certificate is available.

As an important document, we need copies of the ID card or passport (the first page), copies of the partners’ birth certificates and proof of the transfer form in the amount of 150 EUR. If the prospective spouse bring the required documents personally and they are available as originals, a notarial authentication is not required. Our Islamic marriage certificate is not bound by German legislation. As soon as a civil marriage (standesamtliche) takes place, a marriage becomes final in Germany. In order to avoid any discrepancies, the Mahr should be clearly identified in the known value (money, gold, property …), especially for objects for which it is generally difficult to determine the value. In order to avoid any further conflicts, it is advisable to have the amount of the bride’s Mahr to be signed. The bridal Mahr usually serves as a guarantee for the future orientation of the woman and is usually paid out after the divorce or during the separation period. If the wife is to receive the bride Mahr during the marriage, this condition should be laid down. Spouses who have a certificate from another Islamic center must apply for marriage so that a new marriage certificate can be issued on our behalf.


Other conditions of marriage

With each signature under the desired conditions, legal responsibility is assumed. If one of the signed conditions is disregarded by the spouse (this is done after verification and determination), the wife is authorized to seek Islamic authority (at the IZH or other centers, including scholars who are qualified to do so), which the follow Shari’a, to determine this refusal and then, if necessary, divorce. This divorce can also take place in the absence of the spouse as long as the spouse is opposed to the divorce and any compromise is unsuccessful and a haram act is also not foreseeable.