Another IZH department in the field of social affairs is family counseling and the associated problem-solving. Various discrete meetings with family counselors, with preferred imams of the IZH, serve this purpose. The principle of the IZH is to prevent even the smallest problems in a marriage in order to avoid larger ones. Therefore, it goes without saying that a divorce is not rushed, but that this process takes at least 3 months.For divorce, please note the following:

A divorce decree by the court does not make an Islamic divorce final.

Please note the deadlines for the final divorce under Islamic law.


Documents and conditions for Islamic divorce


1- The fully completed application form

2- Copy of ID card

3- Copy of judicial divorce decree

4- If the applicant cannot appear in person at the Islamic Center of Hamburg, they must have their signatures certified by the notary, registration office or consulate.

(If both parties appear with a valid ID in the Islamic Center of Hamburg and provide their signature, authentication is no longer required)

5- copy of the passport (personal data and residence permit)

6- copy of the Islamic marriage certificate

7- copy of the marriage certificate (registry office)

8- For our expenses, we ask for a donation of at least € 200, which is either to be paid in the Islamic center of Hamburg or can be transferred to the account details given below.

After you have compiled all the requested documents in full and have read the conditions, please contact the Office for Family Affairs of the Islamic Center of Hamburg to make an appointment.



1- If the above mentioned documents are not complete, the application will not be processed.

2- It is important that a separate life or a legal divorce in Germany or other countries is not sufficient under Islamic law and therefore an Islamic divorce is required.

3- If the wife leaves the Mahr of the bride or other property to her husband, it is possible for her to divorce her husband. However, it is necessary for both women and men to prove this in writing.

4- After the Islamic divorce, it is mandatory for the woman to hold 3 months until the next marriage. This time for a pregnant woman is until birth of the child. Marriage to another man is not permitted while keeping time.

5- According to Islamic law, divorce is not valid during the menstrual cycle and must be carried out outside of this period of time. It is therefore important that the appropriate date for the divorce is entered on the application form.

6- The Islamic divorce certificate is valid according to Islamic law. For a state divorce, you must get a divorce under the state law. For entry in the Iranian ID card, it is necessary to present the Islamic divorce certificate with the judicial divorce certificate to the Iranian consulate.