The Psalms of islam

By Yasser Ahmed

United by faith divided by culture

With the number of converts to Islam on the increase cross-cultural marriages in the Muslim community are becoming more common. Sabnum Dharamsi discusses the difficulties that may arise when a convert to Islam marries a heritage Muslim

Piety in Parenting

Parenthood is a blessing from God, but as much as it can elevate us to a higher level of enlightenment, it can create regression too. Batool Haydar looks for the ways to overcome the feeling of inadequacy

No one to talk to

by Mirsaed

Social engineering of the Muslim Community

Pro-active Muslim organisations are supposed to improve the image of Muslim communities in the UK. However Sayed Kazmi believes behind this sudden interest hides a well planned effort by the political establishment to force Muslims to conform to an increasingly state-prescribed Islam


By Anousheh Mireskandari

Marriage… first thought that pops up…Will it last?

By Nadia Jamil

Is Modesty Dead In The West?

Has the idea of modesty as proper, decent behaviour become a lost cause? Where the state is absent, it is the job of religion to offer guidance, suggests Frank Gelli

Black people’s paths to Islam

Black people in the West form one of the biggest cohorts of converts to Islam. Rashid Rose considers some of the contributing factors which have encouraged black people to embrace the faith

Beavers, Cubs and Muslim Scouts

The 22nd of February is International Scout Association Day. Many Muslims attracted by the core principles and fundamentals of Scouting have set up Muslim Scouts groups. Mohammad Davdani describes the history of Al-Asr (1st Harrow) Muslim Scout group and its exciting activities

A Glance at the Process of Self-development

Mohammad Ali Shomali

Hold Fast by the Covenant of Allah

In an attempt to ensure that these differences of opinion do not create divisions among Muslims, Imam Khomeini”), the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, declared the week between 9th and 17th Rabi al-Awwal the Week of Unity.


Traversing the path of conversion from one faith to another is particular to each individual. Julia Khadija Lafene reveals the reasons she chose to embrace Islam

Book-Burning or Genocide

In almost every other genocidal European expansion, books and manuscripts of the target population were destroyed. European conquests of the new world, which ironically happened at the same time as the Spanish Inquisition also wiped out the ancient civilizations of the new continent.


Make us cry so we do not have to feel guilty when we walk out of the mosque and go back to our daily routines?

The Merits of Fasting and the Month of Ramadan

Mohammad Ali Shomali

Reason, Faith & Authority: A Shi‘ite Perspective

Mohammad Ali Shomali

Outcomes of the Spiritual Journey

Mohammad Ali Shomali

The Significance of Self-control and Self-purification

Mohammad Ali Shomali

The Fellowship of Faiths

Mohamad Ali Shomafi is author of Self Knowledge (2006), Ethical Relativism: An Analysis of the Foun¬dations of Morality (200 I)

The enemy within intolerance

By Ali Jawed, He is a human rights activist and political analyst with a keen interest in international diplomacy.

Religious education

By Alliya Azam. She is a board member of REC. She holds a MA in Islamic Societies and Cultures from SOAS University and a PGCE from the Institute of Educa¬tion. She is currently Head of Science .


by Abdolhussain Moezi, Abdolhosseha Moezi is Imam and Director of The Islamic Centre of England in London

Integration: Let Children show us the way

By Iman Zamani

Innocence of Muslims

The production adds to a growing list of hate-expression targeting Muslims in recent years and highlights the need for immediate political action, argues Faisal Bodi. Faisal is a freelance writer specialising in Mus¬lim affairs.

A Balanced Living Faith

By Amir De Martino

Different Methodological Approaches to Spirituality

Mohammad Ali Shomali

Hijab and Family Life

Mohammad Ali Shomali

Decree and Destiny: How much control do human beings have over their lives?

The limits of human free will and determination have long been discussed by theologians and philosophers, and at times some extreme views have been put forward. Theological and philosophical arguments about fate vs. freewill can be quite difficult to understand. Julia Khadija Lafene explains with simple and rational examples how it all works.

Joining forces to bring about world peace

Parenting Young Men

An Islamic response to the Assisted Dying Bill

Between Fundamentalism

Islamic Education; A journey of self-discovery

Rethinking Muslim Identity in Europe

Religion and Freedom