Friday Prayer

The truth of piety (15) and the way of recognizing pious

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

الحمد لله رب العالمین والصلاه والسلام علی سیدنا محمد وآله الطیبین الطاهرین وصحبه المنتجبین

First, I invite myself and you, dear worshipers, to divine piety of God, especially if we claim to follow the lessons of Ahlul-Bayt , because Ahlul-Bayt were the highest ranking of piety, and taking distance from piety means takinh distance from Ahl al-Bayt.

قل ان کنتم تحبون الله فاتبعونی یحببکم الله ویغفر ذنوبکم

That means, claiming friendship without piety is just a slogan, and if there is no compliance, the claim of friendship will be called into question. Therefore, the claim of separation between the inner and the outward is not rational at all. We are on the eve of the New Year and this means paying special attention to the position of Jesus Christ, while Islam pays special attention to the position of Jesus and his dear mother. Anyone who knows Jesus Christ through Qur’an will surely be fascinated by it because Islam does not consider jesus to belong to any other religion but considers him one of the most superior and perfect human beings in the creation world and regards any disrespect to him as blasphemous. But his special reverence is not only about lighting candles and lighting the festivities. Unfortunately, human society is far removed from the pursuit of justice and oppression of Jesus and other divine authorities.

Jesus is one of the most important indicators of piety in the religious community, especially in the social dimension. His first miraculous speech and message at birth was a special tribute to his mother. That means, everyone should know that my greatness comes from the position of mother and I have a duty to be thankful for her. Is civil society in Europe paying attention to this message? Why do they prefer to break away from family when they reach legal age? Is it called Christian or Mohammadi society? Therefore, special respect for the position of parents, especially in old age, is one of the most important indicators of people with piety. Respect for parents, whether good or bad, whether alive or dead, is one of the red lines of Islam. Rather, it also has legal and religious effects, such as traveling without their consent, which makes the travel dignified. Their children should provide their alimony if they need it. The focus of the family is not on the spouse and the children, but on helping the parents at the top. Perhaps one of the reasons that many prophets are being orphaned is to avoid parental conflict with the mission of the prophets. The least disrespect for them is one of the major sins. Repeating this divine mark in the Quran and traditions is unquestionable because many have failed this test, and despite repeated religious insistence, the community is far from this important mark, as for many. And parental status is not a major concern. This is a sign of the moral and religious decay of society. A few months ago, for example, one official sought to ban girls from wearing the hijab in schools, while the religious education of children was entrusted to parents under the German constitution. This has prompted German Islamic centers and Muslim scholars to respond. In particular, the Honorable Imam of the Islamic Center of Hamburg issued a sermon on Friday, and as a result of which issued a public statement, and then they withdrew it last week. God willing, we ask you to help us to pass the exam of being kind to our parents.

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