Subject: “The concept of patience and its impact on calmness”Friday and Saturday, April 26 and 27, 2019 _ Islamic Center of HamburgOnce again, the 24th two-day conference of women’s
Friendship Club was warmly welcomed by young women and girls from different
nationalities and also from Iran and the United States as well as from various
German cities such as Berlin, Rostock, Lubeck. This conference was held with
focusing on three main axes which were scientific, spiritual and moral.undefined

The conference program
started at the library of the Islamic Center of Hamburg on Friday, April 26,
2019 from 16:00. The ceremony was initiated by Ms. Mousavi by reciting a few
verses from the Qur an. After attending and saying welcome the audience, Mrs.
Mashraqi as the program moderator, started the discussion in the presence of Ms.
Masah, Mousavi  on “The concept of
patience and its impact on peace”, along with simultaneous translation
into German, by Mrs. Sarah Bayat And Dr. Heidarnamy. After the discussion, at
19:00, the participants at the conference went to the Elbe River and had a boat
trip on the river.undefinedundefined

Friday s program ended
with a cold food contest, announcing the award winners and having dinner.

On Saturday, April 27,
after the morning prayers and having breakfast, all the sisters attending to
the event went to the gym. At the gym sisters was divided into two groups, and
some went to the sauna program to decontaminate the body and some to the gym to
relieve stress. As a result, in the 4 hours of this program, all the
participants, by considering their needs and interests, took the pleasure and
enjoyment of the programs. After completing the program and making noon and
evening prayers at the Bilal mosque in Hamburg, Ladies went to the restaurant
to attend the last program, which was a having lunch together, and then after
having a good time, they farewell with each other. undefinedundefined

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