The third day of October is a holiday in Germany on the occasion of
the unity of eastern Germany and western Germany and this day was called the
day of open door mosques according to the suggestion of the superb council of
Muslims in 1997 A.D. On Such a day, it was estimated that around six million
persons tried to introduce the Islamic superb principles and values to people
and the society of Germany.

Since the Islamic centre of Hamburg has extended
activities over recent years in holding the programs of dialogs among religions
and sects, different documentary programs about the centre have been
broadcasted in the well-known media of Germany with a lot of viewers and
extended advertisements through media and news announcement have been done well
throughout Hamburg , the ceremony of this day was welcomed by a lot of German
visitors and it was estimated that they were around five thousand persons.

This ceremony was held from 10 until 18 and during the ceremony,
the leaders of the Islamic centre of Hamburg presented complete explanations
about the outer part and the inner part of the Imam Ali Mosque several times.
Then they presented explanations about the principles of the beliefs of the
Muslims to the visitors. Afterwards, they were led to visit the academic
building and the library of the Islamic centre of Hamburg that was the place of
the exhibit of the Iranian Islamic art works and the traditional products of
Iran. The visitors visited there as well as asked about their questions and
doubts about the Islam from the religious leaders and the specialists.  

It should be also mentioned that this ceremony coincided
with Friday Day in this year for the first time; therefore, it was an
appropriate chance for the visitors to get familiar with the rituals of Friday
Prayer of the Muslims and benefited from the remarks of the sermonizer of the
Friday Prayer of Hamburg that were translated in German, Turkish and Arabic Languages


other programs of this ceremony include:

introduction of the activities of the Islamic Centre and the Imam Ali Mosque by
leaders in specific times;

– The
establishment of a centre for answering the questions of people about the Islam
with preaching Fragen Sie Uns ;

establishment of the exhibit of historical pictures of the centre;-The establishment of the exhibit of the pictures of the ceremony
of the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the centre;                                                                    

-The establishment of the exhibit of the
handicrafts and eastern arts;

-The establishment
of the exhibit of calligraphy;

establishment of the book fair in German Language;

establishment of the exhibits Al-Fajar Magazine and Hello to Kinder ;

broadcasting of a documentary film about the activities of the centre in the
area of dialogue;

-The performance of traditional music.

It should be also mentioned that
during this ceremony, the advertisement packs including the brochure of the
introduction of the centre, notebooks, the postal card of the mosque and
special packs for children were presented to the visitors.                                                         

Moreover, a
place had been considered for entertaining guests in the entrance of the centre
and the guests were dined with Iranian warm foods, sandwich, tea and

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