As it was said in previous matters, the sharia is necessary in the
Islam because human need complete rules called as sharia in order to train
individuals and the society appropriately. The most important direction in the
philosophy of the sharia is that human should not be left freely and they
should have obligations and duties because if human does not get familiar with
the right path of the life, they will go awry. Therefore, the philosophy of the
presence of God s prophets was to guide human and show them the right path.
This blessing was granted to human by the exalted God and they should try to
walk through this path. Hence, we should thank the great God and worship God
for consistency in this choice and path and express to him


      « اهدنا الصراط المستقیم »[1]

It has been clear so far that the sharia of God is the same as the
rules for saving and guiding human so that they can achieve happiness of the
world and the doomsday and this is considered as a tradition from the exalted God
to all human beings. On one hand, God created human and devoted talents in the
inner of human and on the other hand, he sent the prophets that had the sharia,
followed it and  guided human in the
right path so that they did not go astray and wrong.                       

we should answer this question if there were not any rules and the sharia and
human did not have any obligations to fulfill, what would happen to human?

 We can answer it in this way
if the exalted God had not determined the path for human through the
prophets, in fact, he would have left them in their own ways.

  Leaving human in the world
makes them do bad actions and such thing from God is vulgar and ugly and God is
never described in such affairs. Therefore, deceased Allame Hilli expresses in
this case if the exalted God does not determine any obligations for the human
beings that have the conditions of obligations, puberty, power and choice, he
has led human to do vulgar actions. There is no question that leading human to
do vulgar actions is vulgar and it is deserved to be censured and such a thing
is vulgar and impossible from the exalted God[2]. In
other words, if God does not determine the sharia and obligations, he has done a
vulgar action and human beings are obliged to do vulgar actions. The
explanation of the matter is that the exalted God has created human in this
way: on one hand, he has granted them wisdom, will and conscience and on the
other hand, he has established desires and rebellious instincts. These desires
of human always tend toward lust and do not care about virtues and perfections
that are difficult to acquire. Hence, if God does not have human do affairs
that are in their favor and he does not prevent them from doing affairs that
have evil consequences, a person will not have any motivations for giving up
temporary desires. Hence, obligations that are the  divine sharia train human to live like Muslims
and to deal with social and personal corruptions and not be in the consequences
of disobeying the orders of God.


This is very a important point, to pay attention at, in the
philosophy of the  sharia.  Such an expression is confirmed with
narrations as Amir Al-Momenin peace be upon him states tendency toward
good actions and virtues and achievement in perfections and moral principles
are so difficult, but they can save human in the world. However, doing vices is
very easy, but they can be deadly and pernicious.[3]

It has also been said in another Hadith that human beings should
lead their souls towards perfection and virtues, but towards vices, the soul
acts involuntarily and there is no need for any effort. In other words,
enjoying material pleasures are available in the world. Promises for the heaven
and the hell are free. Hence, if the sharia of God did not exist seriously in
this world in order to guide human, most of people would not ignore the
material enjoyments that are easily acquired; therefore, the divine sharia  and obligations have a vital role in
preventing from vices. Human beings have been told that this is the promise of
God. It means that God that is powerful, knowledgeable and wise can implement
whatever he promises. Hence, the prophets came to announce human that they
should follow the rule and the sharia of God seriously and fulfill the
obligations of God so that they do not lose their chances in life. To conclude,
it can be expressed that the sharia and the rules of God are the means of the
religious growth of human and of receiving the precious reward of the doomsday.
Moreover, the sharia and the rule of God organizes the social system on the
basis of justice , trains the anger and the lust of human and controls them and
it also provides a chance that human can recognize the purpose of the creation
of the world that is worshiping and approaching God.                                  

1. Fatehe Al-Ketab Surah verse 5

2. Al-Dalil Ala Vojub Al-Taklif Anah…Alame Hilli; Kashf
Al-Morad Fi Sharh Tajrid Al-Eteghad p 350

3. Ali PBUH Al-Ertegha Ela Al-Fazael …Ghorar Al-Hakam
translated by Muhammad Ali Ansari ;Hadith 1179  
and 1118

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