Dar Al-Quran of the Islamic centre of Hamburg held the second round of European competitions to promote the culture of Quran and to provide a chance to grow and foster the talents of elites.    
160 male and female competitors that were teenager and adult from the countries of Germany, Finland, Swede, Holland, England, Belgium, Norway and Denmark participated in this round of competitions in the majors of reciting Quran by heart, Izan, recitation and the meanings of Quran  and 300 persons that were interested in the programs of Quran attended there.
Hojat Al-IslamMuhammadi, the head of the office of endowments and the affairs of charity in Iran, and Excellency Ahmad Abu Al-Ghasemi, the international reader of Koran and judge, were the special guests of this round of competitions.
The ending ceremony of the second round of European competitions of Quran held with the presence of a great deal of persons that were enthusiastic to divine messages and scientific and cultural personalities and in this competition, the selected persons were granted precious presents. Moreover, the appreciation paper of this round of competitions was granted to all of the participants as memorial.
 In the ending ceremony of this round of competitions of Quran, Hazrat Ayatollah Dr. Ramezani, the Imam and manager of the Islamic centre of Hamburg, welcomed all of the participants and the guests and considered the purposes of such competitions the close relationship of the participants with Quran which encourages them to plan for applying their learning from Quran in the daily life and added Quran is a guide book and human can achieve the happiness of the world and the afterlife understanding it and following its patterns. Applying the culture of Quran in the life prevents human from any kinds of deviations related to thought, beliefs and moral principles. Learning from Quran and acting based on it will lead to the tranquility and the security of the society. Quran as the book of the life is necessary in each era and the developments of the modern life prevents human from referring to Quran and learning divine messages

































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